First Photo on the Annapolis


A great first photo on the Annapolis. This is just inside the helicopter hangar, and the writing under the insignia reads "Welcome to Naval Air Station Annapolis - Altitude 20 feet". That altitude is about -60 feet now.


2015-04-06 FirstPhoto Annapolis 1000x600

The Annapolis: DDH 265


Description: Helicopter-Carrying Destroyer Annapolis Crest
Size: 113 metres (371 feet), 2900 tons
Sinking date: April 4, 2015
Location: Halkett Bay, Gambier Island
Co-ordinates: 49º 26.95' N, 123º 19.85' W
Motto:  "To Excel"

HMCS Annapolis History

Annapolis was the last of the West Coast steam-powered, helicopter-carrying destroyer escorts (DDH). Annapolis and her sister ship, HMCS Nipigon, were variants of the Mackenzie class specifically designed to carry a Sea-King helicopter, and they are the only two of their class.  They each had the same machinery plant which featured twin shafts, geared steam turbines driving fixed pitch propellers and capable of speeds of about 28 knots.


Her chief weapon was the Sea King helicopter that was used primarily for searching out and engaging submarines. When commissioned in Dec. 1964, Annapolis was considered the most modern of Canada’s naval ships. Build in Halifax, she served on the East Coast until August 1989, at which time she was transferred to the West Coast. She was put into extended readiness in December 1996 and finally turned over to Crown Assets for disposal in 1998. After a failed attempt in 1999 to save the ship as a floating museum, the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia (ARSBC) was the successful bidder for the ship, taking possession of Annapolis on the first of April, 2008.


Her final voyage began in June, 2008, when the ARSBC towed Annapolis to Vancouver to undergo reclamation and environmental clean up. "Annapolis will ultimately serve as a new reef habitat for rock fish and other aquatic animals in the Howe Sound region” said Howie Robins, President of the ARSBC.


The ARSBC is very keen to recognize those who served aboard Annapolis as they approach the events stage of the project. Anyone interested in receiving information on the Annapolis project are invited to contact the ARSBC.


For more information about the history of the Annapolis, please read "Annapolis - Warship to Reef" by LCdr. (Ret'd) Rick Wall.



Reproduced copies of the Commissioning book of HMCS Annapolis, courtesy of DND.



Thank you!!

The ARSBC wishes to express our sincere thanks to the following for their support of the Annapolis project in Halkett Bay: B.C. Parks, Environment Canada, Transport Canada, and The Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The ARSBC deeply appreciates the support of The Squamish Nation and The Tsleil-Waututh Nation for their endorsement of Project Annapolis, and to Mel Turner for his consultancy on Halkett Bay.


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To everyone who volunteered on project Annapolis and who believed in our resolve to making this marine habitat and recreational scuba dive site a reality for Vancouver.




ARSBC, 2015.